mercoledì 27 luglio 2016


Among the many possibilities these flowers can bring to your life, they can be vital props to your fashion and photos. With bright and vibrant colours they create fantastic details to your images.

All about the Little things

Whether you are washing your hands or getting ready for the bath, the one thing that always tries to slip away is your soap. Luckily Nimmo has the perfect home for your soap. With these lovely soap holders you wont have to worry where your soap slips off to next.

Flower Ornaments

Among the bountiful treasures that are in Nimmo's collections you can find these beautiful flower ornaments that will make your home feeling lively and bright. Place them on your walls or outside in your garden! No matter where you put them they will make your home come to life. 

Precious Little Animals

These precious little critters make a wonderful and playful set to your home and kitchen. They can fit them on your cups or big serving bowls for everyone to share and taste the treats you have served. Watch out though... they are sharp!